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This may each or 10 of the rules of healthy lifestyle

Many factors increase the likelihood of serious diseases. But if you really want to, the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and chronic lung disease can be significantly reduced. Or at least greatly facilitate and accelerate their treatment recovery .

How to organize your life
Give up smoking! Smoking – leading preventable causes of death. If a person smokes, the likelihood of heart disease and cancer. If you are using contraceptives, will increase the harmful effects of smoking. Do not forget about passive smoking. The constant inhalation of tobacco smoke at home or work increases the risk of serious diseases.
Get reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood . High cholesterol – the main factor that increases the likelihood of heart disease. In women over 55 years of cholesterol it is often greater than in men of the same age. Reduce the amount of saturated fat in your diet and consume no more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day.
Watch your weight. It is a question of health, not beauty. If your weight exceeds the norm of 10 kg or more, the risk of developing hypertension. When a large amount of body fat, particularly in the waist, and increases the risk of many other diseases (diabetes, heart disease and stroke). Avoid excessive consumption of carbohydrates, sweets and foods high in fat.
Avoid fatty foods. A large amount of fat increases the risk of various forms of cancer. In countries where people traditionally consume fatty foods and dishes, morbidity and mortality from breast cancer and colon cancer is higher than in other regions. Nutritionists recommend to reduce fat intake to 30% of the daily diet (calories). The main sources of fats in our diet – animal and vegetable oils, margarine, mayonnaise, and the fat contained in the meat and milk products. If you use oil, choose olive oil. Cardiologists also strongly recommend avoiding trans -zhirov (isomers of fatty acids , or trans fats).
Eat more vegetables. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, reduces cholesterol in the blood . Some studies suggest a link between consumption of certain types of vegetables and decrease the likelihood of cancer. But do not waste time deciding what kind of vegetables to choose from. It is better to eat as many fresh vegetables – lettuce, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic and onions. All of them are very useful. Be inquisitive and every time you go to the market, choose a new type of vegetable. Nutritionists recommend every day to eat at least five portions of different fruits and vegetables.
Learn to relax. From time to time the body needs rest. You can use any of the available methods: meditation, deep breathing, just a pleasant reading. Even better – a short walk; it will help not only relieve stress, but also the extra weight.
Maintain physical form. Any physical activity will make your life healthier and more productive. Studies have shown that even small changes in the daily routine will bring tangible benefits to health. If you do not want to sweat in the gym, you can park your car away from the entrance to the office or shop, climb the stairs instead of the elevator or just play salochki with their children. No matter what you choose, the main thing – to move as much as possible.
Monitor your pressure. Measure the pressure and it is easy to own. High blood pressure often has no symptoms, so you may not know about his condition. But the higher the pressure, the higher the risk of heart disease and stroke. Talk to your doctor, how to keep blood pressure at a normal level.
Women need to regularly take on the analysis of gynecological smear . Smear helps detect cervical cancer at an early stage. In this case, treatment can prevent the development and spread of the disease and the prognosis is more favorable.
Ask your doctor when you need to do a mammogram. Early detection – the best protection against breast cancer .

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