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How to sleep well?

It turns out that the pose in which you sleep at night, can affect how you feel during the day! In what poses to sleep?

The best option – on the back
The situation in the back ensures good blood circulation in the brain, comfortable for your neck and back, prevents the reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus. On the face are fewer wrinkles, since nothing touches the skin at night, sleep on your back also contributes to the beauty of the breast. However, this position is not for those who snore: root of the tongue can sink, causing snoring.

A good option – on the side

Especially – on the left side of the body! This prevents snoring and gastric reflux disease, as well as facilitates the work of the heart. Especially good this pose for pregnant women who do not recommend sleeping on your back. Alas, hello wrinkles and saggy breasts – blame airbag and the force of gravity.

Bad option – in a fetal position

Maybe sleeping in the fetal position is very comfortable, but it restricts breathing movements, and also causes compression of internal organs. As well as sleeping on your side, sleep in a fetal position contributes to wrinkles and sagging breasts. In addition, regular sleep in a fetal position has an adverse effect on the spine.

The worst case – on the stomach

8 hours on abdominal flattening contribute to the natural curves of the spine. In addition, your head and neck are rotated throughout the night. Even a few minutes in this position as long as you are awake, can cause discomfort that talking about 8 hours! In addition, this position is harmful to the joints and muscles.

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