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How to cheat time and look young after 45?

Over the years, Our wisdom Increases and the self-confidence CAN not the BE Said about the: level of estrogen. Reducing the amount of estrogen Affects the the skin,-making IT thinner, the sagging and Wrinkled. Fortunately, there are Methods to combat age-related the skin changes .

Leather and menopause
During working menopause, with Significant changes the skin. THUS, reduced A collagen a production, Reducing the amount of the subcutaneous a fat and moisture, and the the skin Loses its’ elasticity. Of The the skin Begins to “to sag” the which is Especially most pronounced in the neck, the cheeks and the chin line. Often there are “crow’s of feet” around the eyes and wrinkles on the upper A lip of.

Washing – an by important the aspect of care for mature the skin. With age, the the skin Becomes drier, SO Needs a strong moisture. The Use a a cleanser designed for dry the skin. Prefer Drugs AT a cream the base an INSTEAD of gels or foams That CAN dry the the skin.

Hydration and moisturizing again
With age, reduced activity of the sebaceous glands, so the skin loses moisture easily. To hold the liquid, try to use more fat cream. Avoid long hot baths. To enhance the effect, apply the cream on the still damp skin after a shower .

Despite the fact that the formation of wrinkles and the possible development of skin cancer affects solar insolation, which you get at a young age, after 40 you to still need to use a cream the with the SPF. With age, the the skin Needs more protection. Therefore, choose a cream with an SPF of 30 or more and regularly apply it, when it turns to the sun.

Age spots
With the the onset of of menopause may a cause age spots on the face, phone hands and chest more. The To Prevent Their occurrence, you CAN use the sunscreen. The If age spots have appeared Possible to the make Them more pale eksfoliatov Via the which the remove dead the skin cells. You CAN Also use bleach and tonal resources.

Caring for the hands
During working menopause, the the skin dorsum of of the phone hands Loses moisture, collagen and the subcutaneous a fat. For So the after a 40 on a His phone hands often the translucent veins, wrinkles Appear. The Protect your phone hands by using the moisturizers and sunscreens. During working the work on the house and in the garden , try to wear gloves.

Helps the skin stay Collagen the firm and elastic. With a Decrease in the amount of estrogen Decreases and collagen synthesis. The To Strengthen the skin aging Should eat foods rich in antioxidants. Prefer vegetables and fruits on all of the colors.

Makes the skin the Stress dry and sensitive, CAN and The trigger Diseases such as with psoriasis . Moreover’s, under stress, often the people forget about the skin Proper care. The Find your own way to relax is: visit’s yoga or massage, meditate.

Exercise does not just the keep the muscles in good shape, But Also Contribute to the skin recovery. Firstly, the sports Reduces the effects of stress on the body. Secondly, Physical activity Improves blood circulation, the which Decreases with age. Abundant supply of oxygen and OTHER nutrients make the skin radiant and healthy.

The sleep is Necessary Sufficient for the skin to look fresh. The sleep deficiency Affects hormone metabolism and a levels as with a well as with the aging process. For So the try to the sleep 8-9 hours a day.

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