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Blood Skin 


If the web browser by typing the word leech in English, you will quickly be directed to a website where you can buy them. Why should anyone want to buy leeches, you ask? Well, in some cultures, they have been known for a very long time in the western world it was about them began to speak when the actress Demi Moore admitted that they used to rejuvenate. If you manage to overcome the unpleasant thoughts or prejudices they may arouse in you this slimy animals, but you will find that you can do a lot of good.

With hirudoterapijo (the official name of this type of treatment) in Slovenia officially it does not currently engaged in one. Therefore, you can (medical) leech buy abroad and they are treated at home or by contacting healers that with such therapies engaged in cross-border. True, those animals that were in the movies often see how they “attacked” unsuspecting explorers, travelers, or daring tourists in the jungle, you can facilitate many problems.

European treatment

European medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis and some of her relatives used for lowering blood for thousands of years, there are even records in Ayurvedic texts that 2500 years ago this method thoroughly exploited in ancient India. Not only Indians, the Greeks they used leeches to coordinate balance of blood, mucus, and black and yellow bile, which must be in the right proportion to the body functions well. In ancient times, they also apply to the elimination of toxins from the body.

After that, when the modern science to them a little bit forgotten, but the leech came flooding back in the eighties in microsurgery, such as the need for plastic or reconstructive surgery, as well as in replantation, where a blood outflow worse and it was necessary to re establish venous route. At the same time inhibits blood clotting and can be extremely useful for promoting the blood supply.

How it works?

In a perfectly clean area healer placed up to ten leeches that have the ability to remain on the host from thirty minutes to as much as six hours. They are usually installed with glass tubes since they are otherwise difficult to control, not to run away somewhere. What a quick bite, but it feels just a little spicy and not hurt. When they remove a healer, for them, otherwise the small wound, but the healer cleans and cover what you do, too, if you undertook this home. Interestingly, they do not like old skin and that they rule stinks skin of smokers. In particular, they used to aid in the treatment of vascular diseases and inflammation of the joint as well as middle ear infections, gall bladder and even migraines.

Star Treatment

During the therapy is known to speak loudly Demi Moore, which is already more than four years ago admitted that he participated in the purifying therapy in the Austrian sanatorium, where he met part of the detoxification therapy, in which were also included leeches. “I’ve always those kind of person who is always looking for new ways to conserve and maintain health,” then shrugged. With their help you filter out the blood. For now, Demi is the only one who loudly discussed the controversial therapy. Apparently it sparked the trend, which could other stars – apparently – are silent.

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