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Childhood is seldom perfect. Sometimes they punish children in schools, today their everyday censuring competition for points and often parents’ ambitions. This leads to the little people on the path to adulthood anxiety and distress, which may be expressed in a variety of behavioral deviations.

Parents in many European countries decide to help their children with homeopathy, which has no side effects and is not dangerous for sensitive children’s developing body.

1. Hyperactivity

One of the common problems of today’s child is hyperactive or excessive restlessness , which may be mild or severe. Such a child more difficult to follow lessons and also has a problem in socializing with their peers. What could be the possible cause of these problems? If you know that the home is not serious quarrels or depressing silence because of disagreements between the partners or a serious social hardship, it is necessary to cover a wider range of possible causes.

As stated by many educators are violent cartoons and computer games, which otherwise distracted child, inadequate for the development of social awareness and creativity. Electronic media are fast, offering colorful content, but does not require input from the child, such as drawing or reading a book.

Child nutrition is also an important factor in the occurrence of behavioral disorders. As stated in a recognized medical journal Lancet, preservatives in food, synthetic dyes, flavor enhancers, stabilizers and antibiotics (in large quantities), one of the possible causes of hyperactivity.

Children need as little processed food – naturally and easily. Organic cereals and vegetables and organic milk products should be based child nutrition, in addition to drinking only juices or unsweetened tea. Other foods must be properly assessed in addition to the diversity of the menu.
When agitated and aggressive children should especially limit the use of sugar (sweets), which further irritate the child. Fried food for children are also avoided.

In troubled children is highly recommended plays in nature, fresh air and greenery that soothes.

If your child is hyperactive in severe form, may try homeopathic medicine Coffee Cruden 15 CH. Taken to a pair of granules during the attack hyperactivity disorder (two or four hours). This is especially for children, who can not stop thinking and have a vivid imagination.
ARGENTUM NITRICUM 15 CH can be used as one of the homeopathic tranquillizers, when the child is extremely restless and impulsive and constantly wants attention. Such a child can not be compiled and constantly moving from object to object – I would like to finish things before it even started.

2. Aggression

A common problem in children is aggression. The child is extremely stubborn and whimsical requires stroking, she refuses to sleep and at the same time nervous.
Homeopathy medicine proposed CHAMOMILLA 15 CH. Chamomillo recommended for children who have tantrums, even cruelty. State of irritation and hyperactivity them with an outbreak of anger even greater improvement, for example, by driving.
A child who aggressively oppose parents, and in any event requires attention and it is in this impatient, you can use a homeopathic medicine NUX Vomica 15 CH.

3. Fatigue

In the first stage of intellectual fatigue, when a child has problems due to fatigue in periods of intensive examinations in school, homeopathy recommends KALI Phosphoricum 15 CH. It is taken for five granules once a day (for example, 10 days, until it comes to improvement).

4. Trema

For psychological problems that may arise before the public performance (piano performance, recitation, sports competition) homeopathy recommended GELSEMIUM sempervirens 15 CH. Dosage: 10 balls in the evening before entering the 10 balls in the morning. The product can be administered to a child if it is visibly upset, his hands shaking and appear insomnia, diarrhea and impaired muscle strength.

5. The hardships of being together

Problems that parents may overlook or do not understand, but for a child just as severe hardships are due to socializing with their peers. Homeopathic remedies in these cases have a constitutional (means to deal with personality) and they should be prescribed a homeopathic.
When a child is changeable moods, crying easily, quickly offended if you argue or not to pay attention to him, the most prescribed homeopathic medicine pulsate. These children means a lot to the popularity and acceptance among peers. Sad as if they are alone. For acceptance are willing to do – which indicates the lack of identity and the need to adapt to the surroundings. They are very sensitive to their surroundings opinion – what anyone thinks about them. These are vulnerable children who are looking for comfort. It tends to be a girl.

In children with outstanding leniency and ustrežljivostjo homeopath may prescribe homeopathic medicine Silicea. Such children are shy, reserved, suspicious and somewhat apprehensive. Often they come from families with educated parents, but themselves have little energy to learn, because they are overwhelmed with irrelevant trifles. Therefore, they are doubting their abilities, although they are very capable. Despite the passivity may “Silicea children” (as they are also called) stubborn and irritable and resentful (remember you strike, which they handed down by parents). Even more become irritable if you comfort the. They are very shy.

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