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The scars may be of different sizes, they can be very small (for chickenpox) or very large. Almost every adult has on the skin for at least one visible scar or brazgotinico. Since the aesthetic and functional even be very disturbing, it is necessary for them as soon as possible to ensure proper.

Scars on the skin and other tissues resulting in the process of wound healing, which may result from injury, infection, burns, or surgery. They consist primarily of connective tissue and tiny blood vessels. Scars can also cause unsafe deeper dermal chemical peels and laser unsafe operations.

The development of scars

After the initial inflammation, when the wound is swollen, red and painful, it begins proliferative phase of wound healing, when the connective tissue cells (fibroblasts) begin intensively synthesize collagen, and also copies itself to the tiny blood vessels, the capillaries. Followed by a period of maturation of the scars that can last from several weeks to several years.

Until scar formation occurs in each case when the skin is broken so deep that it is damaged the basement membrane, which is located between the epidermis and the underlying dermis or dermis.

The size of the scar depends on the type of injury, our innate propensity to scarring and the external forces acting on the scar. The greater the shearing forces on the wound, the greater the ugliest and the scars. The scarring are more prone children and young people, and darker pigmented races. When a child is growing scar along with its growth until growth is complete.

The scar is the first pink, later makes the picture invisible. In the first months after the occurrence of or damage to the skin scar may be pressure sensitive and itchy. Typically, the smooth surface and the hard pressure.

different types

Very common are tiny, vleknjene scar below the skin (atrophic scarring) caused by inflamed acne. Similar scar often caused by chickenpox, especially if the scratching leads to secondary bacterial infection.

Some people are very prone to scarring and they can already after minor skin injuries develop very large scar. Hypertrophic scars are limited to the edges of the wound, called keloids however, ranging widely over the edges of the previous wound. Keloids can be quite extensive and aesthetically and functionally very disturbing.

In recent years, a common cause scarring these piercings, so it makes sense to inquire in advance about the increasing tendency to scarring in the family before deciding for piercing.

Extensive scarring (eg. After deep burns) near the joints can significantly disrupt the movement and cause contracture of joints. In these cases, the treatment requires cooperation physiotherapist and occupational therapist.

annoying stretch marks

Often form scars represent striae . They often occur during puberty when rapid physical growth or an increase in body weight. They often occur during pregnancy, especially during the last trimester. Resulting from the injury to the skin and subcutaneous connective tissue. One of the factors that affect the appearance of stretch marks, stretching the skin. Stretch marks are developed perpendicular to the stretching force.

On the appearance of stretch marks is likely to also affect hormones. Local lubrication with steroid creams and consumption of anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass can also cause stretch marks. Even the treatment of various diseases with hormones of the adrenal gland (corticosteroids) may lead to the formation of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are on a pinkish red or bluish red (striae rubra) and slightly elevated above okolišnjo skin. Later, blanching and vleknejo below the level of surrounding skin (striae alba). The most commonly develop after abdominal, thigh, chest and back, and for people who train lifting weights or performing heavy physical work with his hands, but the shoulder girdles. In subjects with dysfunction of the adrenal gland, called Cushing’s syndrome, stretch marks often occur in the armpit.

treatment of scars

For the treatment of scars are especially important realistic expectations. Scars somewhat regradirajo spontaneously shrink and pale. Often despite adequate treatment remain at least somewhat visible.

That will scar as small as possible and as less visible, care must be taken as soon as possible after an injury or surgery of the skin. It is necessary to ensure that the edges of the wound is not retrieved, so at the time of wound healing discouraged intensive physical activity. The assistance may be special patches that are placed on the wound.

Scar must be maintained in a moist and warm environment, which are available for silicone gels and patches in pharmacies and specialized stores. The few months until the scar “fresh” or pink.

Already two weeks after surgery, or after chickenpox are advised to use silicone gels or patches of scars and massage preparations for scars three times a day for a few minutes. Compression of tiny blood vessels patches and massage also has a beneficial effect on the reduction of scars. For extensive scarring (eg. Burns) are available for special compression garments.

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