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The purpose of the Pink October is to raise awareness among the general public about breast cancer and to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle, early detection and effective treatment of the disease. It is a global awareness month on breast cancer, the most common form of cancer in women, and it pays a lot of attention.

In Slovenia, each year breast cancer is suffering from almost 1,300 women and about ten men. Breast cancer is highly curable if detected early enough. Therefore, to reduce mortality particularly important to early diagnosis and prompt effective and personalized treatment to each patient.

Under the motto of Europa Donna Pink October each year a number of activities that seek to raise awareness of breast cancer. Women play an important role in family and society. Raising awareness on healthy lifestyles, prevention, early detection, effective treatment and comprehensive treatment not only saves lives, but also contribute to improving the quality and economic status of patients, their families and society as a whole.

Cancer is not just numbers

Today, at least three women in Slovenia learn that they have breast cancer, at least one of today from the disease died. They are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, grandmothers, girlfriends (are) workers .. Information on breast cancer show that this cancer is curable if detected early enough. Therefore, to reduce the mortality rate is particularly important early diagnosis and prompt effective treatment. An important role in the detection of breast cancer, a woman alone, so health experts recommend regular and proper breast self-examination.

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