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When do women reach the menopause? Today, women are the last menstrual period, which occurs on average a little over 50 years, it looks anything but old. But what is puberty because hormones turbulent dozorevalo now fading. A third of women in the menu does not have any problems, one third mile and a third serious. Despite the surge of hot, insomnia, irritability and other scourges with which they are associated hormonal changes, a woman can maintain a youthful appearance and optimistic view of the world. If the problem can not be overcome with a healthy lifestyle and natural products, it can help even hormone replacement therapy.

From puberty to menopause, the ovaries form the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. Because of these hormones is a girl turns into a woman who is menstruating and have babies. Long before the menopause, the ovaries form a less progesterone. A decline in the amount of estrogen. Therefore, irregular periods and reduced fertility.

On an altered state of hormones women respond differently. Only a third of it is easily called menopausal symptoms. These are numerous physical and psychological, and can be very disturbing. Even more important than these symptoms are late consequences of the cessation of ovarian function that occur slowly and imperceptibly. They show some years after the last menstrual period, primarily as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease .

Some milder problems brought about by menopause, a woman can possibly overcome itself and help you with some free products to sell at the higher physical and mental problems but also to seek medical help.

What can we do ourselves

Menopause occurs in later years, may be on the one hand, the time for intellectual and spiritual growth, but also a period of emotional instability, depression and despair, notes Elvira Omerovic Pedestrian, MA. pharmacy. “The problems can start even before the last period. Concerns are varying degrees. These may last only a few months or even a decade or more after menopause. Some symptoms, such as vaginal drying, can be permanent if not treated, “says pharmacist.

As he says, they in relieving minor problems that we caused by menopause can help:

Diet: Avoid foods and drinks that promote flushing. Often these are caffeine, spirits and hot drinks or strong spices.

RELEASE: favorable influence Relaxation methods such as autogenic training, yoga and meditation.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: helps to heat oblivom and sweating at the same time a positive impact on mental wellbeing. Along with a balanced diet rich in calcium and magnesium, it prevents osteoporosis and reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Herbal preparations: the use of preparations containing soy, and products containing extracts of plants cohosh ( Cimicifuga racemosa ).

From the nature of the pharmacy
Expert indicates which plants us in relieving menopausal problems can help.

Soy products contain isoflavones from soy. This type of female sex hormone-like substances which favorably affect the health and well-being, promote metabolism, reduce cholesterol levels and improve the flexibility of the blood vessels.
Inflorescences extracts of red clover contains isoflavones similar.
Extracts cohosh or Cimicifuga are designed to alleviate hot flushes, sweating, sleep disorders, irritability, depression and lethargy. These products are safe and effective, providing interlocutor.
Teas to alleviate mild menopausal problems include valerian, Icelandic moss, lemon balm, yarrow, sage and white mistletoe. It is best if the individual teas combined in a mixture of tea. The active ingredients in these herbs alleviate the problems that arise in the transition to menopause. A soothing effect and reduces perspiration and regulate fluctuations in blood pressure.
Effects on the heart and bones

Until menopause is protective actions female sex hormones such that women in this period almost no heart attacks. After menopause, natural protection is no longer, therefore, the number of strokes in women close to the number of men. Elvira Omerovic Pedestrian emphasize that due to cardiovascular disease die in Europe each year, twice as many women as a result of all cancers combined. Often at this time also increases the amount of cholesterol and fats in the blood, so you can rapidly develop atherosclerosis.

Even osteoporosis may be associated with menopause , because the bone density decreases due to estrogen deficiency. Complications of advanced osteoporosis bone fractures. “Osteoporosis affects more than half of all postmenopausal women. In women, a broken arm ten times more frequently than men, and the incidence of hip fractures once. It can be fatal, as it kept many women after hip fracture disabled. ”

With a quarter of the seventy women should be in the x-ray of the spine to see vertebral fracture as a result of osteoporosis. “It would therefore be wrong to daily consume enough milk and milk products and at least 15 minutes a day in the sun. If they do not like dairy products to enjoy calcium tablets. In severe osteoporosis, but the doctor prescribes the medicine. “The development of osteoporosis are more prone women who have the disease in the family, had early menopause are extremely lean, have operational ovariectomized, smoked or consumed a lot of alcohol, are not physically active or taking certain medications (steroids, heparin, and antacids) and do not enjoy enough calcium.

Possible mental changes in menu

reduces the possibility of concentration
poor memory
rapid change of mood
different fears
changes in sexual desire (more or less)
feeling that this one no longer needs

Possible physical changes in menu

night sweats
dry skin
hair loss
vaginal dryness,
pain in bones and joints

Menopause: When is it time for your medication?

Your doctor may prescribe a thorough review of hormone replacement therapy. The fact is that there are a number of methods of treatment which the doctor every woman can help to overcome difficulties in the menu. “One of the most successful ways is certainly the hormonal therapy, when a woman takes small doses of estrogen to replace the hormonal deficit in the menu. These medicines are very effective removing heat waves, as these subside after one to two weeks. The vagina becomes moist and therefore sexual intercourse more pleasurable again. Often hormone therapy elimination of headaches, fatigue and milder depression. There are four types of hormonal drugs, which are in the form of pills, patches, creams or injections, “she told us prof. dr. Helena Meden Vrtovec, Dr. med., the gynecological clinic of the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana.

HRT replaces the natural sex hormones. The symptoms caused by menopause, gradually cease, cholesterol levels are reduced, blood circulation is improved, the bones are not diluted.

However, experts point out that, like other medicines, hormone replacement therapy is not appropriate for every woman. Before her doctor will prescribe hormone replacement, he will be thoroughly interviewed, examined and her for safety reasons also carried out some investigations.

Among them is a snapshot of breast mammography, which in the period of use of hormones should be repeated every two years. It is also important that the woman already had a thrombosis or embolism, myocardial infarction or stroke, serious blood disorders and liver disease. “Women who have had these diseases, hormones, in principle, should not be prescribed. If it considers that there are no reasons against the use of hormones should be reviewed further urine, blood and the amount of blood lipids in the body. Among the mandatory investigation also includes gynecological examination with cervical smear test and ultrasound was born. “

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