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The condom is the best protection against hepatitis B virus and other sexually transferred infections. This is the message of the Ministry of Health this summer, drawing attention to the dangers of sexually transmitted infections. Still it applies to men who have sex with men, particularly exposed borne infections.

It is with them in addition to the increase in the number of newly diagnosed cases of hepatitis B and C and other sexually transferred infections also recorded a marked increase in newly diagnosed cases of HIV infection. It is therefore safer sexual behavior with regular and consistent use of condoms with regular testing for sexually transmitted infections, they are especially important.

The slogan of this year’s World Hepatitis day is “Recognize Hepatitis – Take Action!”. In Slovenia in 2014 reported 12 cases (0.6 / 100,000 population) of 27 cases of acute and chronic hepatitis B (1.3 / 100,000), and 3 cases (0.1 / 100,000) acute and 61 cases (3 / 100,000 ) of chronic hepatitis C.

Due to the lack of recognition and incomplete reporting of cases of reported newly diagnosed cases data underestimate the true burden of diagnosed infections in the population. Persons with an increased risk of exposure to infection with viral hepatitis and we recommend testing. Hepatitis B is manageable and hepatitis C can be cured if detected by timely and appropriate treatment. By testing and treatment to prevent health consequences of infection, which can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer, as well as to prevent passing the infection on.

The Ministry of Health is planning additional measures to accelerate the detection and prevention of hepatitis B and C, which will be part of new strategies for prevention and control of HIV infection (in preparation at the Ministry of Health under the auspices of the National Commission for AIDS). The objectives are consistent with the global strategy of the World Health Organization, which provides for curbing the epidemic of viral hepatitis and HIV by 2030. In addition to raising awareness of safer sex to the mandatory use of condoms, which will continue to be the first priority will be important targets for the increase in HIV testing and other sexually transmitted infections, including hepatitis B and C, and increase the availability of appropriate care for people with sexually transferred infections, whereby it will be necessary to strengthen the competencies of consultants who conducted the testing.

Slovenian patients with hepatitis B and C are already from the nineties have all recommended medicines. As for vaccination against hepatitis B infection, but it is with us since 1998 is provided in the national program of vaccination of children before entering elementary school. Perhaps this is to add that it is also recommended for all adults who have not been vaccinated.

In September, the health system shall also strengthen the testing with counseling in the community of men who have sex with men, carried out by non-governmental organizations outside health facilities in urban gatherings of men who have sex with men.

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