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Aspiration infant – What you need to know?

Aspiration – is getting in the airways of various foreign materials, objects.
As a result, acute respiratory failure develops due to:
1. mechanical barrier to the flow of air into the lungs, which can occur in any part of the respiratory tract.
Mechanical occlusion may be partial, non-return valve type. The mechanism of this phenomenon is that when the inhaled air can include flowing through the obstacle in the departments of the respiratory tract, which is under blockade, and when you exhale obstacle completely closes the lumen of the bronchi and do not allow air to escape from the respiratory tract. The gradual accumulation of retained air may lead to termination and hyperinflation is called complication pneumothorax lung tissue. Blockade when air can not pass through the mechanical obstruction of the bronchi can cause rapid death if not timely assistance.

2. chemical burns of the respiratory tract.
Airways of the lungs fall aggressive substances (vomiting, milk, meconium) containing enzymes, acids such as lactic acid, hydrochloric acid vomit gastric contents. As a result, there is a strong lung inflammation of the bronchi, bronchioles and oxygen contained in the air passing as respiratory bronchi can not enter through the respiratory membrane into the blood. Develop severe oxygen starvation of the body.

Often the development of aspiration in neonates accompaniment, and mechanical and chemical components. Aspiration may occur in the newborn:
1. amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid). Aspiration occurs in utero (in the womb) or during childbirth. When some mothers diseases (diabetes, heart disease), damage to the uterus – placental circulation, lack of oxygen to the fetus, and he begins to prematurely take a deep breath.
2. The blood of the mother during childbirth.
3. meconium (first stool of newborns). It can occur in utero or during birth.
4. milk during the feeding.
5. If the defects of the gastrointestinal tract (tracheoesophageal fistula).
In any case, the goal is a serious condition that can be fatal and requires urgent, often in intensive care.
symptoms aspiration

Respiratory failure develops the first signs that can be blueness (cyanosis) of the skin and visible mucous membranes. An important symptom is choking sucking and swallowing. It seems pronounced dyspnea (respiratory rate increases of 60-100 minutes, and more), with plenty of wheezing in the lungs.
Diagnosis of respiratory failure in newborns is simple. An important role in the diagnosis of maternal game detailed examination and x-rays of light that show characteristic pathological changes.

When treatment is initiated with suction remove obstruction in the trachea and bronchi. Windpipe establish a special tube through which washing and active use of suction pumps electrical lungs. Then spend oxygen therapy in mild cases through the mask. In severe cases, mechanical ventilation. Also read the first aid in pulmonary edema , compared to tack doctor.

How to avoid aspiration lung infant?

1. Proper management of obstetricians – gynecologists pregnancy and childbirth. If necessary, during the caesarean section behavior.

2. Proper technique of feeding and care of the newborn. During feeding the baby’s head should be in an elevated position during feeding do not express the chest, do not feed the child violently when he cries. Upon feeding during the child should upright. The bed lying on their sides.

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