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When the mole is deadly ornament on the body? – Learn how to recognize dangerous moles

Moles have them everywhere in our body, and no organ is spared. No person who is not fear that a mole on his body actually is a potential melanoma, one of the deadliest cancers ever. Today will highlight a few things to look out for when it comes to moles …


Not every mole is dangerous, and most of them are completely harmless, but there is a small percentage suspicious moles that could be potential melanomas. How to recognize suspicious changes in a mole?


For what would you say is more graphic and easier to zapamnime will use the first six letters of the Latin alphabet, which should always be our head when in doubt about a mole and immediately under them to check:

  • A – asymmetry.Moles have an irregular shape
  • B – border.Moles sharp edges or gear
  • C – color.Mole equivalent is colored throughout its body has zones of increased or decreased pigmentation
  • D – diameter.Mole is greater than 6 mm
  • E – elevation.Moles increases, growing in length or width
  • F – Other changeslike bleeding, perutenje, surrounding redness


If you have a mole that meets one of the requirements under the scheme ABCDEF which presented important not to panic, because it means that you certainly have melanoma, but even more important is to seek dermatological advice or review. Dermatovenerolozite will determine whether a mole is really risky and the need for further surgery or not.

In addition, we must mention a few things:

  • If it appears a new mole that has ever existed, must seek review dermatologist
  • If you are growing or changing mole that existed earlier also must seek review dermatologist
  • Moles that you have on the body should check the scheme ABCDEF least once a month
  • Mole has the same degree of malignancy anywhere on the skin, but there are critical areas that need to be checked because of susceptibility to mechanical trauma and sunny zrai as part of the face, hair, intimate region and other parts that are shaved or subject to some other physical impacts.

Any mole that meets the requirements of ABCDEF scheme or suspect you may have been problematic seek advice from your doctor, he will refer you to a dermatologist, he will decide whether you need further treatment.

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