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A few tips to get rid of herpes of the lips

Probably each of us at least once faced with red wrinkled skin of the mouth, tingling, itching, appearance of sick bubbles that eventually burst which creates yellow scabs, and then the wounds heal in about 7-10 days.

In your head now arises the question: How to get rid?

There are many ways for removal of herpes, the most common medical choices Aciclovir  (in the form of fat), but we offer natures recipes that would be saved from this unpleasant phenomenon.

table salt

Rapid treatment of herpes allows the right kitchen salt which is necessary commodity and has in every home. Very small amount of salt should be put on the affected area and repeat several times during the day.


A drop propolis perfectly dry and disinfect the wound. Apply to affected area thoroughly 3 -4 times daily.

Essential oil of tea tree

Preferred application every 2 hours. May appear slight tingling, but after two days you will forget about this problem.


We’ve all heard about the beneficial effects of garlic, used in various diseases, without exception and in the treatment of herpes. Garlic is an excellent antiviral agent.

aloe vera

Try this problem solve and aloe vera, with the application of the scar.

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