Thrombosis and MegaVac method

Thrombus is a blood clot in a vein, artery, heart. The clot may partially or totally block the flow of blood in the blood vessel.



The worst thing is that this thrombus or clot parts can octynyl and blood flow to blow up various parts of the body and lead to blockage of a blood vessel, which may result and rapid death. Because in medicine much work in finding ways in which the simplest, most reliable and harmless way will eliminate the clot and this will prevent a fatal consequence.


In this article we would like to present the revolutionary MegaVac method, which provides us with a comprehensive therapeutic solution for any clot in the body. This technology can simultaneously perform Thrombectomy and allow us embolic protection. MegaVac method has the potential to become standard in the care and treatment of thrombosis, as in other adjuvant therapeutic procedures. It is composed of two medical devices:


MegaVac  ( VET) : includes unikanten oval distal tip, which performs occlusion of blood flow by forming a complex with the wall of the affected blood vessel. The catheter is positioned proximal to the target clot where the clot using a needle to penetrate. Due to occlusion of blood flow, aspiration of thrombus is effective because it prevents blood flow to interfere in his sukcijata. Reliability is enormously enhanced by stopping blood flow, preventing part of the clot or debris can travel in the blood stream and cause damage.


ThromboWire : The second part, which has a network that has the job to pull the clot in VETkateterot. It is placed distal to the clot and effectively brings the whole clot oval head of the catheter. The network is specifically designed to prevent pieces of the clot can break away and make distal embolization. This device is highly effective in removing highly organized or adherent trombusi that are resistant to other treatments.