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The most common symptoms of pregnancy

Some women just “know” that they are pregnant from the beginning of conception of the child. But others need many symptoms and tested positive for pregnancy is to be really sure. The article listed the most common symptoms of pregnancy, but remember that every woman is something special, so it may be that you have all these symptoms or only some of them.

  • sensitive breast

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy are just sensitive, sore breasts and nipples, and the reason for this is the increased level of hormones in the body. The sensitivity is similar to the period before you get your period. This uncomfortable feeling decreases in the third quarter, because the body gets used to the hormonal changes. Also, very often the area around the nipples increases and darkens and thus with breastfeeding the baby more easily finds the nipple.

  • fatigue

Fatigue is very common in the first 8-10 weeks, and this is due to increased levels of progesterone and the stress it causes pregnancy. In the second quarter will have more energy, who would you leave in the third quarter and will again feel tired.

  • Fair bleeding

Some women 8-12 days after conception can occur slightly bleeding. Leachate is usually inconspicuous, pale pink, not red as usual. Cramps are also common in early pregnancy.

  • Nausea, vomiting

Most women feel morning nausea one month after conception, and a smaller portion have that luck did not feel. But some women causes stomach problems much earlier. However, morning nausea is not limited and it may appear throughout the day, even at night. Nausea usually passes early in the second quarter or a month later.

  • Enhanced sense of smell

It’s nothing unusual odors before pregnancy were your favorite and enjoyable now to cause nausea and discomfort.

  • Loss of appetite

Although it is well known that pregnant women have an increased appetite, much more common and loss of appetite. With food it can happen just like smells, and even with that you were before pregnancy favorite. This feeling can be temporary, but can accompany you during the whole pregnancy.

  • frequent urination

When menstruation is delayed a week to two, it is possible to start frequently urinating. The reason is the increased amount of blood and other fluids in the body and consequently kidney processed more fluids that end up in your bladder. With this pregnancy is feeling stronger because the fruit that grows pressing on your bladder.

Increased body (basal) temperature

If your basal body temperature remains elevated even after the end of menstruation and does not decrease the level before ovulation, the probability that you are pregnant is very large. So, if you follow your basal temperature that constantly remain high 18 days, you’re probably pregnant.

  • Delay of menstruation

If you have a regular menstrual period, you will make a test confirming the pregnancy and before any of these symptoms. But if you have irregular menstruation above symptoms quickly to attract your attention.

Test to confirm pregnancy

The tests made from the urine, may be correct between 10 to 14 days after fertilization, but remember that these tests are not 100% sure. If you are at a sense of doubt in the result, repeat the test in case of a positive result, agree examination by her gynecologist.


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