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Puberty in male children Everything you need to know the children and parents


Puberty in males is consisting of two to four years of intensive growth and development of the child. During this period the child grow and develop both physically and mentally when it becomes an adult male. In the following I will try to give important information about puberty in male children and what children and parents need to know …

When, started puberty?

Both males and girls puberty begins and ends in precise time. Early puberty in men is somewhere in the 12th year and may last for 2 to 4 years, rarely more. Puberty ends somewhere around 16th year, but maybe later.

When we talk about an early or late puberty?

  • For precocious pubertyusually talk about when puberty will occur before the age of 10 years. The emergence of signs of puberty in this period requires consultation with a doctor, but not always, this is a reason to panic. In some families premature puberty is genetic, begins very early but ends normally like other children. Precocious puberty may occur due to other conditions of the body requiring treatment. Because premature puberty requires examination by a doctor.
  • For late pubertytalk when the child does not develop signs of puberty at the age of 16 years.Reasons for this can be inherited as well as early puberty, then the pubrtetot starts later and ends smoothly. But rarely can occur as a result of organic damage mostly the hypothalamus and therefore if the child does not develop signs of puberty to 16 years requires examination by a doctor.

In the early and late puberty children often have psychological trauma due to premature change in his body or delay the signs of puberty in relation to its peers. Therefore, the child should be explained that there is nothing normal and there is no need to feel shame about it, sometimes it’s good to talk to a psychologist.

Order of development

Usually people notice that the child is in puberty when you notice the sudden growth or change of voice, other changes are usually only known to the child or parents who follow with attention.Development usually has a sequence that is not necessarily strictly related to that which will present, but the present in order, which usually occurs in order for children to understand the changes occurring in the body and physiological need not worry.


The growth of the body for most children is most noticeable around 13-14 years, but often peak growth he can be on 14 th year and it is considered normal. At puberty children usually grow more than 10 centimeters, and many more in the zavisost idividuata head first reaches a maximum and then the rest of the body.

The heart, lungs and abdominal organs also grow during the puberteto pressure increased, heart rate slows and lung capacity increases. Single body in puberty and slowly diminishes involuiraa’s thymus.


Parents should pay much attention to children in the period of puberty, whole body during this period is at risk, because physical activity, healthy diet and stress reduction of the Child should be imeprativ for any parent. The parent has to follow the signs of puberty and development of the child’s body, but it must be emphasized that this should be done very carefully because the child as physical, in this period develops and mentally, so his privacy must be respected.

Hygiene and typical changes

During this period the child begins intensive secretion of sweat, which makes the child feel, much more unpleasant smell coming from it is accustomed, because the child should more often be pinned to preserve hygiene. If the smell is intensely unpleasant it is necessary to use antibacterial soap or seek advice from a physician. Acne and gynecomastia can be part of puberty if expressed need to seek medical assistance if they spontaneously withdraw after buvertetot.

mental changes

Men in the period of puberty can be intensely irritable move away slightly from their parents resent easy. This anger and irritability is usually normal and will stabilize after the end of puberty, the child should not be put under pressure, but only to observe. It must be emphasized that the risk of drug affinity to smoking and alcohol are greatest during this period, so it is necessary to be careful. But here the role of the parent is limited because the child is under greater impact on the company and the environment.

Puberty and sex

Sex is a really serious issue especially in puberty in men. The delicacy of the topic further complicate the situation. It is therefore considered that in relation to sex education is better for children to learn in school or through interactive lectures, because male child often wants to talk about it with their parents. However the father is responsible to try to explain the seriousness of sex and how adequate protection, and also the serious consequences that may follow if accessed without thinking.



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