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Puberty in male children Everything you need to know the children and parents

You think you know everything about the male organ? However read the following facts, things that men and women should have in mind …

The penis has a bone, but it’s fragile body

Cavernous erectile body is found in the penis is actually the part that fills with blood, allowing the penis to achieve an erection. If the penis bend sharply this tissue can rupture, causing a lot of pain and in need of urgent hospital attention. Treating broken penis is very “tricky” and difficult to recover and should therefore be careful not to sharp bends, and if already happened medical attention must be sought.

Testisite not crowded, if we abstain from ejaculation

Although here is not about the penis it is important to note, because often women by their partners hear the excuse that the testicles can be crowded and injured by an irregular sex. It is true that the testicles can be increased to 50% during the excitement, but the only thing that could get hurt in this case is male pride.

Circumcised or not circumcised, women do not change anything

There are many studies that look for differences between men circumcised and uncircumcised penis.The truth is that women other than visual, another difference not make whether a man is circumcised or not circumcised penis.

If you often are you going to do you can achieve erection  do a systematic review

Yes, erection is characteristic of the Drava husband. If in recent times harder You gain, it can indicate many diseases especially hormonal. So if lately you this happens, ask for a full systematic review.

Erectile dysfunction – whether organic or psychogenic, how do you know?

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men. Although this is a necessary further examinations, you simply can not know whether erectile dysfunction is psychogenic or organic nature. If you achieve the normal morning erections, and a problem only when you are with your partner it means that dysfunction is psychogenic nature. If erection is not achieved all that means is probably organic nature. In any case require review.

Semen is low calorie and healthy

From nutritional perspective semen consisting primarily zen acids, enzymes and some water and one teaspoon has 36 calories on average.

Teenage smoking in period affects the growth and development of the penis

According to multiple studies demonstrated that smoking impedes the flow of blood through the penis, which can seriously affect sexual function and adult men, but what is important is that children who smoke during puberty risking their penis does not develop enough .

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