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Fungal infections of the nails and feet – Interview with Dr. Marina Pesevska


Interview with Dr. Marina Pesevska about fungal infections of the nails and feet, as a common problem among people.

1 doctor for the first time in Macedonia opens 101 FOOT CLINIC – clinic for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of nails, skin diseases of feet and hands. Where did the idea for such a clinic?

Exactly, this is the first clinic of its kind, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the hands and feet, and the idea came from the need for such a facility, because very little is paid vnimnie this kind of health problems.

  1. What are the most common health problems of the hands and feet?

The highest percentage ie 50% of all diseases of the nails goes to fungal infeckii nails (onychomycosis), then vrasnuvanje nail is also honored poblem, followed by other changes in the texture and quality caused by other diseases such as psoriasis and lichen although they are rarer.Diseases of the skin are also common fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

  1. Does fungal diseases of the nails are a common health problem?What is usually cause for the occurrence of such diseases of the nail?And in that age group most encountered?

Yes, a very common problem, as I said especially toenails are prone to fungal infections. The most common causes of yeast infections are dermatophytes in 83% of cases nedermatofitite in about 15%, the remaining challenge yeasts. Not any retirement age, but is more common in older people.

  1. How do you diagnose this disease and what treatments apply in your clinic for the treatment of diseases of the nail?How they are successful and effective?

Diagnostic among other dermatological use the most sophisticated that we onihoskopija nail and skin of the feet, which helps us diferncijalno dijgnostichki to separate the changes. If necessary you can make and microscopic diagnostics. Treatment depends on the condition of nails, but of course the approach is always local, without the use of oral therapy because recent clinical studies confirm many negative side effects of oral therapy and poor performance. Therefore we have decided to efiaksni and proven topical preparations that have no adverse effect on human health. In any case, the plan of treatment of each individual problem is different and works according to predetermined protocol that strictly comply in order to obtain successful results.

  1. What are the most common skin diseases of the feet and if there is a risk group which suffers most from this type of disease?

Often skin disease of the feet is a so-called athlete’s foot (Tinea pedis) which is a fungal infection of the skin of the feet, which usually begins between the toes, and then can spread in the whole foot.More common are people who sweat feet, such as athletes, who actually suffer the most from this type of infection. Athlete’s foot can manifest as maceration of the skin between the toes, chronic dryness of the skin, red rash and perutanje skin.

  1. Does your clinic apply proven medical products and treatments?As potential patients to ensure the effectiveness of your therapies and treatments?

101 FOOT clinic in his concept of treating problems with nails and skin of hands stapala and applying a unique blend of modern breakthrough in European medicine – Pythium oligandrum (intelligent bio organisms), coupled with modern and contemporary American laser technology. Conducted medical research using laboratory tests, practical testing of patients in various hospitals, clinics and dermatological clinics under the supervision of leading Czech doctors, microbiologists and dermatologists found that Pythium oligandrum microorganism has tremendous efficacy in treating the dozens of types of problems and diseases of nails , skin and whole body. We use the latest The US laser technologies and devices for which there is approval for use and certified medical-scientific and clinical efficacy against problems and diseases of nails and skin stapala and palms by the most prestigious and najrespektirana world health institution – the US Bureau of Drug Control (FDA).

  1. What would be your general advice when it comes to the health of the feet, hands and shades?

Prevention is very important even after healing, because the great majority of people these infections recur. Therefore, avoid permanent traumatic injuries to fingers, then showering dry feet well, especially between the toes; daily change the socks, wear comfortable shoes made of natural materials, avoid synthetics; wear rubber flip-flops when using public swimming pools, showers, changing rooms.

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