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Five reasons why you should say “thank you” to nurses

No doctor, however qualified and educated can not imagine working without the help of a nurse. It has an equally important role in mission “saving lives” as a doctor, and her services are simply irreplaceable.

Thanks, because “watches” over hospitalized patients 24 hours a day

During the night shift and the doctors and nurses caring for the health of hospitalized patients. But doctors intervene only when necessary, otherwise, rest in their offices waiting to be called by the nurse. Sister again, during the night is tasked surrounds the sick, give anelgetici tablets tranquilizers or anything else that is necessary for the patient to feel as comfortable as possible in their room.She rarely has the opportunity to rest your feet no matter what works third shift. This is especially emphasized in nurses working in health and tercielnoto have too many patients.

Thank you, because you are immune to changes mood to patients

The sick person often because of his illness have mood swings, sometimes patients are depressed, sometimes angry, some have outbursts of aggression … Doctors are also susceptible to these changes, but the sisters that are in constant contact with the patient often directly affected his condition. Very often the nurse is even insulted and humiliated by a patient in serious condition. They almost never complain about it, putting his pride after humanity, trying to understand the cause of the aggression of the patient, and for this you deserve a big thank you.

Thank you for your role as secretary and good administrative worker

Undoubtedly hospitals are full administration. Many data, details, stories and what not, that have to work as doctors and nurses. Very often the sisters were given that “most annoying” thing, filling the generals or similar calculations that must be done. They never protest this though it is not their main job.

Thank you, because without objection matters and “the most specific” matters relating to patient

Doctors are human in their work and they are responsible and hardship until you make it and this is a fact, but the sisters still work it and work around most specific patient. The physiological needs of the patient must be completed, bathing, maintenance of skin care, cleaning and many other things related to the privacy of a seriously ill patient must end sister, which you must admit is really difficult and very “specific” works not could anyone to work.

Thank you, because you are resistant to pressure from doctors

Each doctor is a person who has a different mentality. The fact is that the sister is lower in the hierarchy, so this is an additional reason to burden the nurse. It is obliged to perform the obligations set by the doctor, the doctor often because of commitments known to be moody and irritable, which directly reflects the nurse. She almost never protested it always exceeds that problem, though often not fair the action to it. For this and all other things deserves gratitude.

And doctors and nurses are an indispensable part of healthcare. For this to work requires great solid harmony in the relationship doctor-sister, sister-patient and doctor-patient relationship, which is often known to be difficult due to the overwhelming workloads and responsibilities of the day.Therefore deservedly we should say thank nurses who are often vulnerable to nepravdini knowingly or unknowingly inflicted on both sides. It is necessary to respect as much as doctors because they are an indispensable part in the mission “to save human lives.”




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