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All you need to know about breastfeeding

As reported by the 1st to August 7th marks World Breastfeeding Week. For this reason I decided to give my contribution in educating mothers about some important things that any future breastfeeding mother should read, know and apply. Breastfeeding is very important for infant should never be avoided, and if necessary it should not be replaced by any other type of milk.


For starters it is important to know that in the first six months only food for the baby should be breast milk, nothing else needs to be added, or water, or any other drinks. Neither during the summer tempareturi baby in the first six months should not enter the water, the mother should regularly drink water when you feel thirsty it in this period is enough except this they add that in this period also not recommended to use “deceptive” pacifier.


It is important to emphasize that breast milk is the healthiest for the baby, it has a perfect composition comprising common ingredients needed baby to grow and develop properly. There have been many attempts to create an alternative milk, none have been successful enough – scientists say. Whether you encounter various substitute formulas that claim to be very similar to the breast that can not and should not be believed because still not produced anything similar which can be said to be sufficiently safe and healthy to replace breast milk. We must also emphasize that in the beginnings of breastfeeding in the first days it secretes a special type of milk called colostrum . It is densely milk, very rich in proteins and antibodies that protect the newborn and to prepare for life, no substitute milk can not have this band regardless of the advertisements that do.


In 2-3 weeks the milk starts getting mixed character, it is milk that is very rare in the colostrum. This should not confuse mothers, this milk adapts to the age of the newborn, it contains everything he needs for that period of life. Milk looks watery, but no need to panic, say pediatricians.   It is important to note that at this time mothers often give up breastfeeding because in the period when the transitional secretes milk, lactation has not been fully established and we have some kind of interruptions. This is not a reason to panic and not to think that you do not have enough milk for your baby.


After birth, the child should suck whenever it wants, the mother and child during his stay in porodilishteto should be together just like when they are sent home. According to the research feel “skin on skin” at the first touch of the child with cancer is very important for the further development of breastfeeding. It is important to be careful in the first lactation because they are crucial for how the child will get used to and as we move through the lactation of the mother.


Breastfeeding is a natural process, but not instinctive, and  we must stress that breastfeeding is learned and mothers must learn the process or technique of breastfeeding. For this they have no shame to consult with their mothers or other relatives who have already undergone this process, because once they master the techniques then there will be no problems during the period when you will have a second child. Vazhmo to have a serious approach to breastfeeding, to realize how indispensable process and not giving up. You have to know that the more a child suckles it’s better for his health, but recent studies have shown that it is good for mother, regulates hormones, heart rate and blood pressure.


Although breastfeeding is indispensable there are cases where this is impossible. Very often for medical or psychological reasons the mother is simply not able to breastfeed her baby at Taco case the environment should be pressing the mother should not and causing guilt, but should help with constant consultation with medical persons, healthiest to choose another way of feeding the baby.

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